Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't Buy Easter Egg Dyeing Kits Anymore! Stop the Madness!

Ok, so my title may be a little over dramatic. However, I stand behind it. I have bought countless easter egg dyeing kits for my kids over the years. It is a huge waste of money. Yes, they are fun, but we had more fun using what we already had around the house.

The Dye

Pour about a 1/2 cup of vinegar into a mug or cup. Add desired amounts food coloring to the food dye. Done.

This is all you need. You may already have it all. I just saved you a trip to the store. 

Once the hard boiled eggs are completely cooled, let the kids do their thing. We used electrical tape, googly eyes, candle wax and a black sharpie. We didn't have to look farther than our kitchen for any of these items.

Electrical tape = crazy egg stripe
  For polka dots, dip a pencil eraser into some warm, melted candle wax (help the kids with this!) and make polka dots all over your egg before dropping it into the dye. 

Our creations. Home made. Simple. Good stuff.