Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Super Simple Hot Oil Hair Treatment

What is a gal to do when she is desperate for a deep hair conditioning treatment and in no mood for leaving the house? Head into the kitchen!

My hair is color treated, heavily styled and always in need of nourishment. I have tried hundreds of products over the years, and everything seems to get pricier by the minute.

So the other day I looked on Pinterest for homemade remedies. Most of them called for items I didn't have handy, but almost all if the remedies used olive oil. I decided to use olive oil on its own. It worked so well that I now keep a bottle in my shower.

What I did: I wet my hair and worked a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil into my hair. I let it set for at least 10 minutes. I discovered it can easily drip everywhere (like down my face), so I soak in the tub while the magic happens. Make sure to rinse really well! I also put my favorite conditioner in after I rinse. It gets rid of any possible oil smell. Rinse well again. My hubby couldn't believe how soft my hair was! (And relieved as to why olive oil was in our shower)

I use generic olive oil that costs less than $6.00