For the Dogs

Grimsby enjoying his new cozy spot
We have 2 great dogs. Our senior citizen is an 11 year old Golden Retreiver named Kippy. Our baby is a black Labrador Retriever puppy named Grimsby. The puppy is great, but very "active." We have to crate him when we aren't home. Luckily, he is only in his crate for a few hours a day at the most. We bought a wire pet crate from the pet store. He has escaped from it 3 times. Not good. It is also not an attractive feature in the home. We didn't like the wooden crates we saw online. Many of them were made of MDF and with all the little slats, I could see Grimsby finding a way out.

To solve our ugly/not so secure crate problem, my handy-dandy husband decided to build a wooden one. We decided we wanted the new crate to also act as a side table. 

I couldn't believe how nice it came out! It is a gorgeous piece of furniture in our house that also happens to house our doggy when we aren't home. 

Gorgeous, right?

My husband enjoyed making it so much, that he has started selling them. So far, they are a huge hit. These things are super sturdy and really heavy. They are big enough for large dogs and no escape artist is getting out of these. They also create a lot of table top space which is nice. There is no assembly involved. He can stain them in any shade. He can also make them in different sizes. The one pictured is big enough for a dog up to about 60 pounds.

The large size (up to 60 pounds) is $400.00 and the extra-large size (up to 90 pounds) is $449.00.
 Please e-mail me at if you are interested in purchasing one, or have any questions. Thank you!